Unclouded Vision

Augment your scientific image analysis workflows with mythical machine vision at the point-of-acquisition.

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Web-based software for live data analysis dashboard and real-time overlay of machine vision output

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Unclouded hardware specifically designed for hosting the Theia software at the point-of-acquisition

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Get help with training models, deployment in network-constrained environments, and running experiments with Theiascope


Theia Scientific, LLC is a small business focused on providing edge computing architectures for seamless analysis and visualization of machine vision-assisted object detection, classification, and quantification algorithms for optical, electron, and X-ray-based imaging workflows at the Point-of-Acquisition. Theia Scientific, LLC was born out of the founders’ own research need to have a flexible, real-time platform that augments the functionality of existing microscopes to facilitate research in air-gapped user facility environments. This need became known as "Unclouded Vision" and led to the creation of the Theiascope™ platform with an open, community-driven API for rapid deployment of emerging and established machine vision tools.

Meet the Team

Founded by brothers, Christopher and Kevin Field, the leadership team has over 20 years of combined experience in developing unique technology-driven solutions for Defense, Energy, Industrial, and Academic problems. Theia Scientific, LLC strives to put easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy machine vision capabilities in the reach of any imaged-based research.

Photo of Christopher Field, Ph.D.

Christopher Field, Ph.D.

President, Principal Developer


Background in analytical chemistry, instrumentation, and software development with extensive experience in R&D for defense applications and emerging technology product development.

Photo of Kevin Field, Ph.D.

Kevin Field, Ph.D.

Vice-President, Principal Scientist


Background in materials and advanced electron microscopy. Principle investigator for a wide range of R&D activities for energy applications including machine vision and additive manufacturing.