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Augment your scientific image analysis workflows with mythical machine vision at the point-of-acquisition.

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Who We Are

Discover the Theiascope™

An edge-computing device that uses AI and Machine Learning models to perform real-time image analysis with our fully customizable dashboard-centric user interface

About Us

Theia Scientific was founded by brothers Kevin and Christopher Field to improve scientific workflows and increase discoveries. With Kevin’s background in microscopy and nuclear materials, and Chris’s background in instrumentation and scientific software development, the two paired up to create the Theiascope™ technology, which originated as a time-saver for microscopists, but  applies to any image-capturing device.

What Makes the Theiascope™ Different?


Actionable quantitation results obtained in seconds and at the microscope.

Platform Agnostic

Works with any microscope or image acquisition system

Zero Install

Novel web-based technology stack integrated with an edge computing device means only a browser needed to use


Fully customizable, browser-based interface ensures dashboards and visualizations are easily created on a per-experiment basis