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Theiascope™ Products


Bring Your Own Hardware


Converts any existing NVIDIA GPUenabled x86-64 workstation into a Theiascope-X with a unique software suite that enables automated microscopy image analysis using near-edge and workstation computing devices as a web application for modification-free installation, instrument-agnostic deployment, and non-proprietary data format exporting and analysis. These systems are usually for a single instrument with users looking for the highest local performance where portability is not a concern.


The Classic Theiascope™


A real-time, automated microscopy and industrial image analysis platform powered by an edge computing device and a web application for modification-free installation and system-agnostic deployment. Includes preliminary system configuration and generic dashboard customization. The supplied edge-computing device is small enough to be easily hand carried between microscopes and office spaces allowing for use of the Theiascope platform on multiple devices at an institution.


The Beefed-Up Package


A Multi-GPU, rack-mounted servergrade platform for facility-wide or high-performance, single instrument real-time, automated microscopy and industrial image analysis and quantitation. Includes a multi-user, multi-tenant web application for system- and useragnostic accessibility. Product is capable of running multiple AI models simultaneously on a single data stream for multi-model and multi-modal image analysis and quantitation.

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