We're Reimaging the Microscopist's Workflow

Current Microscopy Workflow

Common problems in the current microscopy workflow:

  • No way to automate the manual process of “drawing boxes around black dots” AKA counting defects on each sample
  • No way to review a sample’s viability at the point of acquisition, which equates to time-wasted when a scientist or engineer realizes their data needs to be recaptured
  • Microscopy tools are frequently platform-dependent
  • There’s no one-size fits all solution to customize observability for the myriad of experiments run by scientists and engineers
With the Theiascope™, we’re able to combine the time-consuming data collection and management steps, and save microscopists up to 80% of their workflow. That’s 80% of time saved that gets users closer to scientific discovery, more quickly and frequently.
Integrated Data Collection and Management

I think it will be integrated everywhere. It’s unique, quick, simple. It’s too easy not to use.”

Gabriella Bruno

Graduate Student
Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


All it takes to run the Theiascope™ is an ethernet cable and a power source. It’s platform-agnostic, which means it can be used on any microscope or image-capturing device. You can use it on a TEM, SEM, Optical Microscope, or tablet, all in the same day.

“I have a video of about 5,000 frames. There are about 200-300 defects per frame, and it would really not be fun to do all of that by hand. We’ve customized Theiascope™ for our experiment. We can train AI to see things specifically on our data.”

Ian Steigerwald

Undergraduate Student
Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The observability dashboard is completely customizable based on
your experiment!

All you need to access it is a web browser.

Wondering if it will work with your images?

Send us an image, and we’ll run a complimentary test!

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