Frequently Asked Questions

What is with the name, "Theiascope"?

Theia is a titan in Greek mythology, specifically the Greek goddess of sight and vision. Thus, “Theiascope” is akin to a “Vision-scope” since the platform provides enhanced, almost mythical, vision to existing microscopes.

How do you pronounce "Theia"?


How do I properly cite usage of the Theiascope™ platform in publications?

The exact format and fields necessary to cite software in publications varies by publisher. There are also a variety of citation management systems available across a variety of platforms. It is beyond the scope of this Q&A to cover all the different permutations, but the following examples should be useful. Please consult the targeted publisher’s instructions and formatting rules for citations. If in doubt, then please contact the editor.

The Theiascope™ platform and related software can be cited according to the following [bibtex] example using the `@software` tag.

Wondering if Theiascope™ will work with your images?

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